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The Day where you get to take
a sneak peek into the future

"BlockChainJam" is a one-day event where you will get to know about
how the emergence of blockchains is changing the world.
You will get to take a closer look into blockchain projects that are currently in development.
It will be the day where you get to take a sneak peek into the future.


Explore the potential of "blockchains" and
how they can shape the future

The words such as Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are well known.
How about “Blockchain”, which is the technology that makes these innovations come to life?

By participating in BlockChainJam 2018,
you will get to feel and understand what Blockchains are and
how they will shape the future.

At BlockChainJam, you will get to listen to talks by wonderful speakers
such as prominent blockchain researchers and members
from the hottest Blockchain projects.
They will walk you through the basics of Blockchains,
what it is capable of, and how it will change our lives.
They will do this in an easy-to-understand manner,
so don't worry if this is your first encounter with this new technology.

It will be a day where you take a sneak peek into next generation
technology and what the future will look like.
Don't miss this opportunity!



Blockchain Blockchain
[Japan Digital Money Association Director]
Tetsuyuki Oishi

Since 2013, he has been involved with bitcoin/crypto related businesses fulltime. He also runs a famous blog in which he introduces cryptocurrency technology to the masses. He is active in spreading the adoption of cryptocurrencies and fostering the technology. Board member of the Japan Digital Money Association, United Bit Coiners CSO. As an angel investor, he has invested in wallet development and cross-chain projects, among others.

Japan Digital Money Association

Bitcoin Bitcoin
Masahiko Hyuga
[Fressets, Inc. - CEO, President]
Masahiko Hyuga

In April 2008, he entered the University of Tokyo, Natural Sciences. In March 2012, he graduated from the department of physics at the same university. He advanced to the master course of the Graduate School of Comprehensive Culture and obtained his master's degree from the study of thermodynamic and statistical mechanics properties of long-range interaction systems. While studying at the same doctoral degree, he met Bitcoin which gradually drew his attention to its theoretical novelty and innovation. He started the development and operation of a Monacoin (Japan's first bitcoin clone (altcoin)) exchange in January 2014, and since then has developed various other services such as a mining pool, wallet and so, all by himself. After that, with the expansion of his business, he launched Janom where he resides as the representative. Janom provides technical consulting, system development, technology offerings related to cryptocurrencies.

Fressets, Inc.

Ethereum Ethereum
Shogo Ochiai
[Crypto economics Lab - CTO]
Shogo Ochiai

Blockchain engineer specializing in Ethereum, Plasma, zk-SNARKs. He collaborates with Asian regional cryptocurrency projects mainly on OSS contribution about Staking and Formal Verification essential to Cryptoeconomics which is the basis of the Ethereum development. He is really into Rust and Isabelle/HOL.

Crypto economics Lab, Inc.

Crypto-Tax Crypto-Tax
Kensaku Kimura
[Lost Blocks, CryptoGain - CEO Kimura Certified Public Accountants - Founder Quantum Accounting Inc. - Director]
Kensaku Kimura

Japanese CPA/USCPA. Joined KPMG in 2006 and spent 10 years working on finance and accounting related projects in Tokyo and New York. Since 2016, has been involved in various crypto related projects, including his own startups such as Lost Blocks and CryptoGain. Spends most of his weekends setting up nodes.

Kimura Certified Public Accountants
Quantum Accounting Inc.

Crypto-Tax Crypto-Tax
Hironori Ido
[Quantum Accounting Inc. Director]
Hironori Ido

He graduated from Keio University, B.A. in Economics, 2006 and joined KPMG AZSA LLC in the same year. After managing audit teams of listed companies and providing IPO consulting work, he left KPMG in 2015. In the same year, he founded CPA/Tax Accountant Hironori Ido Office, and provides various services including tax reporting, business succession consultation, inheritance tax consultation, to companies and individual business owners. In recent years, he has responded to increasing requests from investors to give tax advice regarding cryptocurrencies.

Quantum Accounting Inc.

Tezos Tezos
Arthur Breitman
[Tezos Core Developer]
Vincent Bernardoff

Born in France, studied Physics (B.Sc.) then Computer Science (M.Sc) in Paris. Developed a passion for functional programming and specifically the OCaml language over the years. Spent some time in Cambridge, UK, to work on MirageOS, a library operating system that constructs unikernels for secure, high-performance network applications. Fascinated by Bitcoin around 2011, Tezos was a natural fit. He is looking forward to witness what functional programming and formal verification techniques will bring to the space, and ultimately how blockchains will provide unprecedented levels of interaction in business and beyond.


Zilliqa Zilliqa
[Zilliqa - Head of Business Development]
En Hui Ong

Graduated from Waseda University, School of International Liberal Studies in 2010. From 2011 to 2018, she was a member of the Asset Management Sales Team at BlackRock, JP Morgan. Currently, she handles Business Development at Zilliqa. CAIA certificate holder.


[Cosmos - Head of Communications]
Chjango Unchained

Head of Communications at Cosmos. She goes by the moniker Chjango Unchained. Chjango is the chief editor of the Cosmos blog and brings the creative direction behind all the video and written content from Cosmos. Namely, she writes articles breaking down technical subjects about protocols, distributed systems, and blockchain technology to broad audiences of all levels. Before Cosmos, she came from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, so she never really left space.


Omise Omise
Masaharu Uno
[Omise Japan Co.,Ltd. - Country Manager]
Masaharu Uno

After working in the advertising industry, he joined Omise in 2015. He manages the operations of Omise Payment and OmiseGO in Japan. He also conducted research on Plasma in Japan.


0x 0x
[0x - Japanese Community Member]

Worked as a researcher at a Japanese start-up. Since finding out about the 0x Project in 2017, he has been involved in the Japanese translation of a DEX project using 0x. He also plans to launch a 0x Japanese community.


0x 0x
[Radar Relay Inc. - Support Director]

Whitney has a background in Economics and East Asian Studies. He has been top tier customer support for a major electronics accessory company with experience in fraud prevention. He was one of the early members of the fast growing wallet-to-wallet trading platform Radar Relay.

Radar Relay Inc.

[EtherSecurity Co., Ltd. - CEO]
Shohei Kamon

He was a responsible person for not only Server Network Security but also a wide range of works at IT venture company after he had completed a master’s course of graduate school at Kyoto University in 2008. Thereafter, he served in CyberAgent, Inc. as an engineer from 2012.
At the present time, he is performing consulting, development business, delegating operations at Ether Security, Inc. that he has started it up in March 2016. Its scale is a most biggest in the world of NEM crypto-currency as the number of nodes of delegating operations.

EtherSecurity Co., Ltd.

[LCNEM, Inc. - CEO]
Yu Kimura

A senior of faculty of economics at Kyoto University. He has inducted as CEO of LCNEM, Inc. since 2018. He developed ticket system with a function preventing resale using legal currency transfer system on public blockchain that is conforming to Act on Settlement of Funds of Japan and economic incentives.


Enigma Enigma
[Enigma Ambassador]

Former quant at a financial institution. Started cryptocurrency trading in July 2017. Started a blog to explain cryptocurrencies in an easy to understand way in January 2018. Official Enigma ambassador.


Enigma Enigma
[Enigma ambassador / Stir - COO]

Non-Engineer who mainly researches and intellectualizes about the Ethereum Ecosystem. Tweets about the researches he has performed through his popular twitter account (Twitter: @udon_crypto) Attracted by the potential of Enigma, he manages EnigmaJapan and is active in the community as an Enigma Ambassador.



BlockchainJam 2018
Date October 21, 2018 (Sun)
Time Entrance Open 14:00 / Close 19:30
VENUE Roppongi AcademyHills TowerHall
Ticket selling date Now On Sale!
Price Regular - 9,000 yen /
Student - 3,000 yen
Walk up ticket: - 10,000 for both regular and student

[ Roppongi AcademyHills TowerHall ]
Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 49F,
6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
(Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line 3-minute
walk from Exit 1C of Roppongi Stn.)


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